6 Apr

Puppet Club

Here are some images of the gang at Easton Community Centre and their fantastic puppet makes! We are going to carry on having Puppet Club Wednesdays 3.45-4.45pm till school ends on the 16th of July! So come on down and get making. For details check out http://www.facebook.com/LittleRaysPuppetClub

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At Easton Community Centre

Little Rays Puppet Club is about to start!

With Easter well on its way Little Ray’s will be running a regular workshops for Children aged 5 and up. It will be every Wednesdays at Easton Community centre in the Sunshine room. This workshop lasts and hour and costs only £3.00, it includes all materials plus a snack!!!

This workshop is intended to be a fun making space where kids and adults can come together to learn about simple puppet making. We hope that if the sessions are successful we can even try and put a small show together for the community.

Puppets are an art form that helps develop many skills:

  • crafty making skills
  • focus, communication and interaction
  • imaginative creative play
  • performance skills

And best of all they are FUN!!!! So come along and get involved even if your a really big kid you can participate and help young ones.

For further information contact

Cori: 07904931465 or coribona@gmail.com


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