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Puppetry is a great tool for bringing extraordinary stories to life, helping us to make the impossible possible. Anything is possible, provided you can imagine it. Making puppets allows us to develop new practical skills and the chance to work with reusable and recyclable materials


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Each workshop, is tailored to your needs. Puppets are great for teaching creative writing, performance, story telling, history, biology. It is a wonderful tool for building practical manual skills, hand eye coordination, focus and confidence.  Some examples of what can be covered for each type of puppetry are below:

Glove puppets and Muppets- from socks to sewing a glove this is an adaptable workshop that can be making or learning to make them come alive, with puppets provided.

Shadow puppets-  a fast, affordable, easy activity to create a puppet, learn techniques and create a story ages 4+

Junk puppets- Robots and Animals, made from anything! Caters for all ages

Procession puppets- Large rod puppets that add a visual treat to any large parade or event, compatible with schools arts weeks

Fabric Rod puppets- A fast easy to decorate puppet that is engaging and technical enough for young ones aged 7+

Newspaper puppets- An introduction to puppetry animation and the opportunity to make mock up training puppets

Bunraku Style- Using 5 training monkey puppets this workshop is for young adults and adults, teaching the more technical style

Lip Sync- This workshop is the beginning of training in using muppet style glove puppets, getting your hands talking and improvising


Puppet Parties!

Suitable for all ages, Puppets can be part of walkabout entertainment and more.

Pirate Percy and Pals:

A wonderful interactive story telling adventure about Pirate Percy’s travels, a simple finger puppet make your own pirate, pirate games and a treasure hunt.

Adapted to suit your Birthday party needs suitable for ages 4-8. Starting from £75 this is a relaxed gentle party plan that kids love!

“The highlight of our party, thank you for giving us such a wonderful magical moment”  Karen Rheind

“It was such a pleasure to see the kids engaged and eager to partake in this little adventure” Katchia Bilek

” Great to have an opportunity to sit back and enjoy our child’s birthday show without feeling like it took over the event” Bushra Rashma


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